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Best of Symphony of Science

by melodysheep

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poptrogdor If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first, invent the universe. What a poignant and incredible collections of songs, all making things, such as quantum physics easier to understand or get into.If you like this, check how "How to teach your dog Quantum Physcis". Favorite track: A Glorious Dawn.
Muslim thumbnail
Muslim I am a scientist and listening to these great minds in the form of awesome synthesized music inspires me a lot. Favorite track: Monsters of the Cosmos.
John R Walton
John R Walton thumbnail
John R Walton Look Up Jill Bolte Taylor on Ted Talks. Favorite track: Ode to the Brain.
Sarcasti-girl thumbnail
Sarcasti-girl This album is absolutely beautiful, I learn something every time I listen to a SoS, and having all of my favorites together makes it so much easier to enjoy them all at once! Favorite track: Monsters of the Cosmos.
Dawn Hood
Dawn Hood thumbnail
Dawn Hood What an ingenious way to communicate and educate! Favorite track: The Greatest Show on Earth.
Rolf Venema
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Rolf Venema It's the most beautiful song I've heard about the Stars. The whole album is the modern 'Die Schöpfung" van Haydn about the myth of creation. This is the thruth of our creation.
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[deGrasse Tyson] We are all connected; To each other, biologically To the earth, chemically To the rest of the universe atomically [Feynman] I think nature's imagination Is so much greater than man's She's never going to let us relax [Sagan] We live in an in-between universe Where things change all right But according to patterns, rules, Or as we call them, laws of nature [Nye] I'm this guy standing on a planet Really I'm just a speck Compared with a star, the planet is just another speck To think about all of this To think about the vast emptiness of space There's billions and billions of stars Billions and billions of specks [Sagan] The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it But the way those atoms are put together The cosmos is also within us We're made of star stuff We are a way for the cosmos to know itself Across the sea of space The stars are other suns We have traveled this way before And there is much to be learned I find it elevating and exhilarating To discover that we live in a universe Which permits the evolution of molecular machines As intricate and subtle as we [deGrasse Tyson] I know that the molecules in my body are traceable To phenomena in the cosmos That makes me want to grab people in the street And say, have you heard this?? (Richard Feynman on hand drums and chanting) [Feynman] There's this tremendous mess Of waves all over in space Which is the light bouncing around the room And going from one thing to the other And it's all really there But you gotta stop and think about it About the complexity to really get the pleasure And it's all really there The inconceivable nature of nature
[Robert Winston] It's amazing to consider that I'm holding in my hands The place where someone once felt, thought, and loved For centuries, scientists have been battling to understand What this unappealing object is all about [Vilayanur Ramachandran] Here is this mass of jelly You can hold in the palm of your hands And it can contemplate the vastness of interstellar space [Carl Sagan] The brain has evolved from the inside out It's structure reflects all the stages through which it has passed [Jill Bolte Taylor] Information in the form of energy Streams in simultaneously Through all of our sensory systems And then it explodes into this enormous collage Of what this present moment looks like What it feels like And what it sounds like And then it explodes into this enormous collage And in this moment we are perfect We are whole and we are beautiful [Robert Winston] It appears rather gruesome Wrinkled like a walnut, and with the consistency of mushroom [Carl Sagan] What we know is encoded in cells called neurons And there are something like a hundred trillion neural connections This intricate and marvelous network of neurons has been called An enchanted loom The neurons store sounds too, and snatches of music Whole orchestras play inside our heads 20 million volumes worth of information Is inside the heads of every one of us The brain is a very big place In a very small space No longer at the mercy of the reptile brain We can change ourselves Think of the possibilities [Bill Nye] Think of your brain as a newspaper Think of all the information it can store But it doesn't take up too much room Because it's folded [Oliver Sachs] We see with the eyes But we see with the brain as well And seeing with the brain Is often called imagination [Various] [Robert Winston] It is the most mysterious part of the human body And yet it dominates the way we live our adult lives It is the brain
[Neil deGrasse Tyson] We are part of this universe We are in this universe The universe is in us Yes, the universe is in us [Lawrence Krauss] Every atom in your body Came from a star that exploded You are all star dust From a star that exploded [Tyson] Look up at the night sky We are part of that The universe itself Exists within us We are star dust In the highest exaulted way Called by the universe Reaching out to the universe We are star dust In the highest exaulted way Reaching out to the universe With these methods and tools of science [Richard Feynman] Stand in the middle and enjoy everything both ways The tinyness of us; The enormity of the universe [Tyson] The atoms that make up the human body Are traceable to the crucibles That cooked light elements Into heavy elements These stars went unstable in their later years And then exploded Scattering their enriched guts Across the galaxy [Refrain] [Tyson] We are part of this universe We are in this universe The universe is in us Yes, the universe is in us
[David Attenborough] How could one species turn into another? [Richard Dawkins] How is it that we find ourselves surrounded by such complexity, such elegance? [Bill Nye] The genes of you and me They're all made of DNA We're all made of the same chemicals DNA - we're all made of DNA [Attenborough] Only the fittest survive And that is the key Natural Selection That is the key [Dawkins] We are surrounded by endless forms Most beautiful, most wonderful Evolution - the greatest show on Earth There is grandeur in this view of life Evolution - the greatest show on Earth [Attenborough] The history of life can be thought of As a many branched tree The five kingdoms of life were established early on Bacteria Protists- amoeba like creatures Fungi Plants And animals [Dawkins] We find ourselves perched on one tiny twig In the midst of a blossoming tree of life [refrain] We are surrounded by millions of other species Walking, flying, burrowing, stalking, chasing, fleeing, Outpacing [Attenborough] Animals strive to reach this one ultimate goal To ensure the survival of the next generation This one ultimate goal To pass on their genes That is what life is all about [refrain] [Dawkins] As we look back on the history of life We see a picture of never ending, ever rejuvinating novelty [Attenborough] Those animals may seem to us to be very remote, strange, even fantastic But all of us alive today Owe our very existence to them
[Morgan Freeman] So, what are we really made of? Dig deep inside the atom and you'll find tiny particles Held together by invisible forces Everything is made up Of tiny packets of energy Born in cosmic furnaces [Frank Close] The atoms that we're made of have Negatively charged electrons Whirling around a big bulky nucleus [Michio Kaku] The Quantum Theory Offers a very different explanation Of our world [Brian Cox] The universe is made of Twelve particles of matter Four forces of nature That's a wonderful and significant story [Richard Feynman] Suppose that little things Behaved very differently Than anything big Nothing's really as it seems It's so wonderfully different Than anything big The world is a dynamic mess Of jiggling things It's hard to believe [Kaku] The quantum theory Is so strange and bizzare Even Einstein couldn't get his head around it [Cox] In the quantum world The world of particles Nothing is certain It's a world of probabilities (refrain) [Feynman] It's very hard to imagine All the crazy things That things really are like Electrons act like waves No they don't exactly They act like particles No they don't exactly [Stephen Hawking] We need a theory of everything Which is still just beyond our grasp We need a theory of everything, perhaps The ultimate triump of science (refrain) [Feynman] I gotta stop somewhere I'll leave you something to imagine
[Carl Sagan] If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch You must first invent the universe Space is filled with a network of wormholes You might emerge somewhere else in space Some when-else in time The sky calls to us If we do not destroy ourselves We will one day venture to the stars A still more glorious dawn awaits Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise A morning filled with 400 billion suns The rising of the milky way The Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths Of exquisite interrelationships Of the awesome machinery of nature I believe our future depends powerfully On how well we understand this cosmos In which we float like a mote of dust In the morning sky But the brain does much more than just recollect It inter-compares, it synthesizes, it analyzes it generates abstractions The simplest thought like the concept of the number one Has an elaborate logical underpinning The brain has its own language For testing the structure and consistency of the world [Hawking] For thousands of years People have wondered about the universe Did it stretch out forever Or was there a limit From the big bang to black holes From dark matter to a possible big crunch Our image of the universe today Is full of strange sounding ideas [Sagan] How lucky we are to live in this time The first moment in human history When we are in fact visiting other worlds The surface of the earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean Recently we've waded a little way out And the water seems inviting
[Jacob Bronowski] Man is a singular creature; He has a set of gifts which make him unique among the animals So that unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape He is the shaper of the landscape [Alice Roberts] We are all children of Africa They say this is where it all began [Bronowski] In a parched African landscape Man first put his foot to the ground [Roberts] Africa was our only home for tens of thousands of years until a small handful of people made their way out of Africa [Carolyn Porco] These beings with soaring imagination Eventually flung themselves and their machines Into interplanetary space [Roberts] We are all children of Africa This landscape has been home to humans Two hundred thousand years [Porco] We have come so far All of this is cause for great celebration We have come so far This is a story about us [Roberts] Those early Europeans Were people like you and me But it is humbling When you see the challenges they faced People like you and me Overcame the Neanderthals People like you and me Made it through the ice age [Refrain] [Jane Goodall] We are not the only beings With personalities, minds, and feelings Chimpanzees have very clear personalities [Robert Sapolsky] Take a chimp brain foetally And let it go two or three more rounds of division And out comes symphonies and ideology [Neil deGrasse Tyson] Everything that we are That distinguishes us from chimps Emerges from that one percent Difference in DNA [Roberts] People like you and me Overcame the Neanderthals People like you and me Made it through the ice age [Refrain] [David Attenborough] Using his burgeoning intelligence, This most successful of all mammals Has exploited the environment to produce food For an ever increasing population. Instead of controlling the environment For the benefit of the population Perhaps it's time we controlled the population To allow the survival of the environment
Bill Nye: We are at a time in history where we can change the world What do we want to pass on to future generations? That we just stayed here on Earth, that we didn’t look out to find out where we come from and are we alone? No! We want to pass on this joy. This excitement. Neil deGrasse Tyson: When a nation dreams big, everything falls into place. Nye: Beyond the horizon Over the next hill That’s where we make discoveries Tyson: That’s the next frontier Nye: It is in us to look farther and deeper It’s deep within us That is why we are all here Over the next hill, beyond the horizon Tyson: Dream of tomorrow Long for the open seas Call for this adventure Dream big Dream of tomorrow Long for the open seas Emily Lakdawalla: There are lots of huge frozen worlds Caught beyond Neptune Huge frozen worlds Seek out these other worlds Hundreds of other worlds Caught beyond Neptune Seek out these other worlds Tyson: Audacious visions have the power to alter mindsets To change assumptions about what is possible [refrain] Nye: If we are to discover life on another world, It will change the way everyone feels about what it is to be a living thing in the Cosmos. Tyson: Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive? Does life need this, does life need liquid water? Is a virus alive? Does life have metabolism? Does life need, life need, life need, life need this? Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive? They’re asking these questions Bill Nye: Working together I claim we can Change the world! Carl Sagan: There’s just a tremendously exciting prospect called solar sailing And it works exactly as an ordinary sailboat does It takes you to where you wanna go It’s a whole new kind of idea It travels on the wind from the sun X2 Tyson: These dreams prevail in the citizen’s ambitions. It is time to set sail for the 21st Century. [refrain] Tyson: Find your place in space Space is vast and unexplored And there’s a lot of work to do.
[Michael Shermer] Science is the best tool ever devised For understanding how the world works [Jacob Bronowski] Science is a very human form of knowledge We are always at the brink of the known [Carl Sagan] Science is a collaborative enterprise Spanning the generations We remember those who prepared the way Seeing for them also [Neil deGrasse Tyson] If you're scientifically literate, The world looks very different to you And that understanding empowers you Refrain: [Richard Dawkins] There's real poetry in the real world Science is the poetry of reality [Sagan] We can do science And with it, we can improve our lives [Jill Tarter] The story of humans is the story of ideas That shine light into dark corners [Lawrence Krauss] Scientists love mysteries They love not knowing [Richard Feynman] I don't feel frightened by not knowing things I think it's much more interesting [Brian Greene] There's a larger universal reality of which we are all apart [Stephen Hawking] The further we probe into the universe The more remarkable are the discoveries we make [Carolyn Porco] The quest for the truth, in and of itself, Is a story that's filled with insights (Refrain) [Greene] From our lonely point in the cosmos We have through the power of thought Been able to peer back to a brief moment After the beginning of the universe [PZ Meyers] I think that science changes the way your mind works To think a little more deeply about things [Dawkins] Science replaces private prejudice With publicly verifiable evidence (Refrain)
[Neil deGrasse Tyson] The act of moving onward means we pass these sign posts One of them was first leaving earth The next one is hanging out on the moon What's next? The planets Onward to the edge We're moving onward to the edge Here we are together This fragile little world [Brian Cox] This is our sun Just another star in a sea of stars The heart of the solar system Just another star in a sea of stars Mercury is the closest planet This tortured piece of rock has been stripped naked [Tyson] The moon has a sky It has a horizon It's another world It's got earth in the sky Just the way we have the moon in the sky (refrain) We're not the only world to think about Worlds unnumbered We're not the only world to think about Think about worlds unnumbered [Carolyn Porco] There is a powerful recognition That stirs within us When we see our own little blue ocean planet In the skies of other worlds The Saturn system Offers splendor beyond compare Because of its rings And very diverse moons [Tyson] These are no longer abstractions These are worlds Maybe there's life there They've changed how we think about Earth [Cox] A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam The pale blue dot (refrain) The laws of nature create Vastly different worlds With the tiniest of changes [Tyson] When I reach to the edge of the universe I do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery There are times when, at least for now, One must be content to love the questions themselves


released February 26, 2013




melodysheep Seattle, Washington

musicmaker. filmmaker. pacific northwest.

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